About Tracy


 Well this is a picture of  me now but who am I? MMMM!! let me tell you a story! Sitting Comfortably, then I shall begin!

Once Upon a time (have you noticed all good stories start that way), there was a very young couple who met and  fell in love, Pardon! What was that How? Well Susan Collins was a saturday girl in a local newsagents, Terrence Light was the paper boy, and to cut along story short, Susan caught Terry pinching a chocolate bar! So to stop her dobbing him into the boss, he charmed her off her feet! Such a stylish couple. My MUM & DAD.
Not long later they had a baby boy and then I was born in Plymouth Devon in the year 1970. I was born on the day England got knocked out of the football world cup by Brazil, a fact my dad never, ever let me forget, obviously it was my fault.  
  Me and my big bro such a loving relationship, I am sure you will agree, I may be hitting him in the mouth, but he is clipping my ear. Not alot has changed apart from the fact that he is now the tubby, bald one and not me, Thankfully.

Then I grew up!

Or almost! At the tender age of 16 I discovered I was pregnant. A quick marriage was planned, but My beautiful daughter Joanne was born before the marriage,  23 months later
my second beautiful daughter Sarah was born (unfortunately during this pregnancy my marriage failed).

My Two Girls Today

When Sarah was 6years old, I met a very supportive and loving man Dale Watkiss.
 Whom I married and have enjoyed 18 years of a married life with to date.

 THE STORY OF ME NOW!! Trying to stay at Weight Watchers goal

The Before and After Photos Started Dec 2011 got to goal June 2012

I also Do something I would never have dreamed of pre weight loss.

I Run

(I am the on the left)

My First and only half marathon to date
Trail one to boot.
Salisbury 54321  (summer 2013)

I will get back to fitness to do this again.


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